Always absolutely eco when selling online

A new model for selling digital products.
Not only by us. For any, even a new company.

Our current products:

  • Just plant trees in eternal forests with us, or
  • ERC721 credentials and trees as a durable medium, or
  • “Play with us and protect the climate at this”, or
  • Many other products soon

For what purpose do we do it? ==>>

Where exactly are my trees I planted?                                  ==>>

Eco revolution in your hands. As a consumer - use our products and protect the climate. As our business partner - take advantage of our solutions so that your products always have a positive climate balance.

You can do this even if you live in the city. And at the same time, you will have fond memories forever. Additionally you can enter your deeds in the eternal blockchain database.

The easiest action is simply to buy planting trees for example to eco-compensate the carbon path. For you or as a gift for your friends. But we offer other products, either. When purchasing the good "as usually" you will then help preventing more changes of the world climate in this "unusual" way 🙂 .

So, you have many options to be active for the climate with us even if you buy our product for its functions. Welcome to family of ecopernicans!

If you decide on the simplest way – that is planting trees with us –  they are here simple steps to plant trees in the trusted way (local gov certs) with ECOperNIC:

More in our blogs:
Steps 1-3 –

Step 4 –

We know and understand that we all have a lot of important things on our minds, such as family, educational and professional responsibilities, not to mention such matters as conflicts, inflation, etc. There are moments of passion, relaxation and joy in all this. Give yourself and others a little joy, be proud that thanks to you a tree was planted. Even if it’s a small contribution, it’s your personal and important contribution, every such action makes sense 🙂

There are always other important things in our live, but the action is easy.
Make even small but important impact to the eco-world.

Every day when using modern technologies (transport, home appliances, computers, Internet networks and cryptocurrencies) – we all destroy nature. Buy eco-compensates like trees planting packages from us – appropriately for the type of activity you have done and get additional digital gifts, badges and memories – ecopernic NFTs  and rights to the new ecopernic blockchain ecosystem 🙂

You can make your own contribution

When you generate CO2  you may always click here in our e-store on the relevant eco-compensation set. Such as trees planting with solutions from us and our partners, as the first step. Find eco compensation for each of your actions from our e-store here and be a new ecopernican.

Revolutionary tools to start minimum eco-compensation.
For everybody and his living activity.
New marketing for companies.

Obviously you can buy already an eco-compensation from the carriers for every flight or long-distance organized transport.
Buy similar offset at us and then you will have much more choice on what exactly your money will go to during eco-compensation.
Plus you will receive a certificate confirming the actual location of the eco-compensation action taken.
These are real actions!

Every ecopernican being in the Ecopernic Club owns ecopernic NFT – it means she/he/a company planted tree or trees (depending on the product which were bought at us) and in this way also got digital assets. They may be additional digital wealth in the future.

If you plant trees with us as a company that gives its customers a gift of planting when buying your products / services – we will transfer these NFT tokens to you, and your company will decide whether to keep them or reward its customers in another way.

Companies plant trees and craft new digital assets

Certificate and weblink at each purchase. Each forest has got permission from environmental inspection.

After each payment your will achieve a PDF certificate (issued from our planting partner) with confirmation of a real planting action from your purchase! Each planting area has got an official permission and a paper that local environmental department approves this new forest. Areas for planting are chosen in such a way, that these new forests will be used for many, many years with relevant protection from the local county. Even more - you will achieve also weblink with geo data to check the planting is real in practice. Planting updates are very transparent!

You will forever be proud of your trees!

Your purchase will be entered into the blockchain database as a durable medium containing information about identifiers (blockchain addresses) that received ecopernic NFT tokens for the trees, and if you are active, you will collect evidence for several years and you will be able to boast about it with our confirmation - that you planted a forest (smaller or larger, but always) 😊 In the future, when blockchain identifiers will commonly confirm the achievements of people's work - you will have undeniable proof that you are one of those who created new forests on Earth!

We cooperate with the most reliable partners at remote rees planting

Unique ecopernic NFTs for each your purchase - Ecopernic Club. One tree = one NFT.

We will issue and send you unique NFT tokens with the ecopernican tree as a gift that will allow you to use the unique Web3 parts of our website - Ecopernic Club. This special part of the website will simply be inaccessible to other people who do not have our token - technically it will not be possible to use it without such ecopernic tokens. If you plant trees with us as a company that gives its customers a gift of planting when buying your products / services - we will transfer these NFT tokens to you, and your company will decide whether to keep them or reward its customers in another way. Note - Ecopernic Club will be launched in a later phase, but it will be certain from the very beginning that having our ecopernic NFT token you will be able to reserve a token drop of our dedicated blockchain system aimed at creating effective pro-ecological technologies - details soon.

Worldwide possible - for remote trees planting in the European Union.

Our reliable partner has planted already over 185,000 new trees in Poland, EU since year 2019 through CO2 compensations which were bought by people and companies.

Compensate Your Single Flight
with planting a new tree in a protected forest

EUR 3 and a new tree is planted with EUR-TREE-1-standard product

10 Planted Trees as a Gift from Family or Friends for an Important Event

EUR 40 and 10 new trees PLUS an eternal undeniable keepsake in the blockchain - EUR-TREE-10 product

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