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What are our Sets of Trees Planting for CO2 compensation?

What are our CO2 offset tree planting kits?

By buying ecological equivalents from us, you get:
1. Planting an appropriate number of trees for the purchased equivalent – the number of trees in the “” program (already over 185 thousand trees planted since the beginning of the program) together with the certificate of the environmental protection inspection and the PDF certificate from the website
2. We will enter your certificate into the “durable medium” of the ecological blockchain along with sending you a link to visualize this certificate, thanks to the eTernal service as part of Thanks to this, we will “forever” certify that your PDF certificate was original and if always ecological blockchain works – you will be always able to boast of such a certificate at any time, wherever the Internet is, and most importantly – it will never be possible to duplicate or destroy it.
3. NFT ecopernic tokens issued with a sequential number in the amount corresponding to the trees planted thanks to you. Tokens are issued in an ecological blockchain, each token contains several digital signatures and a digital link to a “durable medium” (point 2 above) thanks to which you will be able to confirm your action, including a certificate issued for your planting by Thanks to this, the cryptocurrency community of the world, which uses such energy-intensive networks as e.g. Bitcoin will have the opportunity to see that the group of eco crypto copernicans is growing regularly.

Here you can find an example of such token – no.7 issued for Mariusz as confirmation of 7th tree which he planted with ECOperNIC service in – you grab all data from the web-browser of NFT files – a link here

Also you can see a visualisaton of image of this exmaple token below:

Remember – of course, you can always buy individual tree plantings without the above-mentioned entries in a durable medium and without NFT tokens promoting tree planting in the crypto community – directly in the program.

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