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Few words about First Ecopernican and welcome on the board at this project

This is a just new project invented and started from March 2023 by Mariusz Sperczynski. So, as the inventor and founder of ECOperNIC project – Mariusz is the First Ecopernican, but not last one, as we can see in practice 😉 

Mariusz started planting trees with ECOperNIC as CO2 compensation of activity of him and his family in March 2023 and he got the first account in Ecopernic Club with the first ecopernic NFT! 
The first planting was 7 trees as CO2 compensation for a flight of him, his wife and their daughter from Warsaw to Eindhoven and return in days of 15th-20th Feb, 2023, to meet their son, who studies in Technology University in Delft, Netherlands (TU Delft) 🙂 Look below at Mariusz’s certificate for the first 7 trees as ECOperNIC, issued from our partner:


More about Mariusz on his LinkedIn profile.

In short description – Mariusz has been since year 1993 in IT business, and since year 2013 Mariusz has been engaged into efficient business which is based on blockchain. All this long time he has been linking passion for invention and R&D with making money on the market. Always on the amazing journey to discover and test new areas of using IT technology for better and more effective life or business. 

ECOperNIC started as an individual temptation related to CO2 carbon path of all IT-tech which was developed by Mariusz. This project is concentrated on the whole world, even if the first steps are taken in Poland. In the future some organisational rollout of ECOperNIC to other EU countries is planned.

This is a mission also to motivate people around us to take attention at this fact, that many technologies we use, like IT tech – generate CO2, due to energy which they consume AND WE CAN ECO-COMPENSATE IT in some simple action like through products at this e-store.

Let’s start together to build ecopernicans community 🙂

There is so much work to do at this idea and so many things can be done for this via ECOperNIC activity, including Ecopernic Club. So, you can also be a team member of ecopernic or cooperate with Mariusz in some matter in this project. This project can be your personal future, that is a real possibility. Contact Mariusz to share thoughts about it.

Remember – ECOperNIC is a new project, but trees have been planted by our partner since 2020 and there are already over 185,000 trees in Poland with local county permission, inspectorate certificates – also with the local government interest in every one of these plants to be a county forest! For many, many years these forests will help all the world! More details about ECOperNIC you can find also in our other blog articles.


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