Describing our mission 🙂

From the first to the last product sold – the climate effect of our company is positive towards the world. We go even further – we just don’t want one company to operate like this. We propose this as a new model of running a business and offering products, so that, just like with us, every time, from the very first moment, each sale gives a positive climate effect. In the traditional economy, it seemed completely utopian, but thanks to Internet and to our solution, it is possible everywhere from now on – all it takes is for comoanies (fopr example startups even new ones) to start working with us. This is a real revolution of thinking and that is why we have linked the name of our proposal with the word “copernican” reflecting how powerful a change of stereotypes it is.
We are fulfilling this revolution through ERC721 ECOperNIC tokens.
ERC721 ECOperNIC tokens are legally and technically fulfill the function of certification in the so-called a durable medium required by Polish and generally EU law for certain services provided electronically. In addition, they are ecologically positive (including within the meaning of the so-called ESG standards) – as opposed to, for example, transferring data in a durable medium to the client on paper, CD, or by entering it into a database on servers. The ECOperNIC credential always involves the planting of a new tree in an eternal forest with a very high degree of positive impact on the world.
An example is our EU-TREE family of demonstration products – where you can see how a durable medium is being implemented (i.e. how data is stored), and at the same time, planting a new tree is directly shown.
There are, of course, other products besides the above-mentioned demo ones –
more can be found in our e-shop.

1. How?

So that with every “action” there would be at least one more durable tree in the world planted by a “city dweller”. “We townspeople” cannot plant them just anywhere (does not apply to non-townspeople – those who have their own forests, their fields, generally where they can plant whatever they want), and the benefit for the next generation from each durable tree is already documented on thousands of ways. There are billions of city dwellers, so potentially a lot to plant in such an idea.

2. What should I do?

Just order the right product from our store, we will plant trees on your behalf, generate certificates, transfer individual symbols from AI to your blockchain certificate – you will receive everything by e-mail, and then just click / read.

3. And what will be the effect beside the e-product which I bought?

A planted tree in new forest secured by the local government’s natural protection inspectorate. Plus it will be “forever” entered in a durable blockchain medium that you planted a tree. You can present your  certs in the blockchain on your Web3 address for years. Maybe it would show over time  that you planted a forest! The blockchain database is based on other addresses Web3 who own certificates of plantning our trees together. So in total this database always present the overall number of all trees were planted together by ecopernicans 😉 We hope that it will be a big forest! Plus, if the AI tries hard, your tree symbol in the Web3 cert may be very interesting (a collection is interesting like unique post stamps).

In the certificates you can put a short text-dedication – “forever” for memory. Dedications have short texts. An example can be the text “John’s tree”, “For my friend Antek, on the occasion of his son’s birthday” or, for example, “Iron Man #12”. So it can also be used as an interesting gift gadget, regarding point 3 above 🙂